Australia MK Group Pty Ltd focused on t slot aluminum profile system and t slot frameworks fasteners & accessories. We make all kinds aluminum framework workbench, conveyor, modular production system, protective fence for both industry and residential property, machine safety guarding, trolley, solar panel mounting kits, warehouse, home and office storage shelf. We have strong capability for all kinds of aluminum profile production as well as customized aluminum extrusion. Also we specially designed aluminum cutting machine, electric cnc tapper machine(really horizontally tapping without any limitation), cnc drilling milling machine for aluminum profile further machining process. All of these machines featured with simple structure, easy maintenance, easy operation, high accuracy, high efficiency. Adequate stock for wide range of t slot aluminum profile and all kinds t slot fasteners & accessories, competitive price, quick delivery. We are your reliable partner in aluminum field.

Main Product
T slot aluminum extrusion frame assembly video
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